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Occupancy Sensors For Industrial Applications


Contactless Tank Level Indicator


Contactless Tank Level Indicator

NanoPulse has developed an innovative system for the contactless measurement of oil levels, as well as bottom water levels in tanks and other large containers. Unlike typical tank level indicators, the system can also measure the dielectric constant of the liquid and, in combination with other equipment, its relative humidity. In a case where there are two different sorts of liquids with known characteristics mixed in the same tank, the system can also determine the degree of mix.

By using its highly sensitive sensors, the new system takes the measurements through all oil-water layers in the tank, thus eliminating errors related to incorrect probing. Moreover, the contactless way of measurement reduces costs and simplifies the system’s installation and maintenance.



Contactless Remote Vibration Sensor


Contactless Tank Level Indicator

Often it is impossible or inconvenient to place vibration detectors directly on the target object. In such cases, the vibration level can be measured by using a remote vibration sensor.

NanoPulse, Inc. offers a remote vibration sensor based on UWB technology. We develop custom-made sensors that can measure the level, frequency and character of vibrations of examined objects.







Non-destructive Testing Equipment

Non-destructive Testing Equipment

Non-destructive testing corresponds to space sounding behind non-transparent barriers such as building walls, ground, etc. with getting radio images without mechanical force. By using non-destructive testing equipment, you can search for various anomalies in the target environment – such as pieces of reinforced steel, cavities, wires, moisture, concentrations of insects, etc. – without destroying bearing structures.

The non-destructive testing equipment is created by NanoPulse with the use of state-of-the-art electronic components and ASICs from world leaders in the industry.


NanoPulse has got Invention Patent No. 2907448 from European Patent Office on the device for the remote non-contact monitoring of the vital signs of a living being


NanoPulse has received a feedback about using the NP LW 01.01 occupancy sensors as a part of a system installed in the U.K.

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