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Microwave Breathing Sensors for Life Science

Bringing a new type of equipment into technological or business processes opens up new topics for research and always requires a certain amount of testing to be conducted in advance. The amount of testing depends on the degree of modification of existing processes. Nevertheless, the world always moves on, the list of research topics becomes longer, with new solutions periodically replacing old ones, despite entrenched traditions and habits. We invite interested organizations using our devices and services to participate in R&D activities in order to explore opportunities for applying NanoPulse contactless sensors in various fields. The conditions for such cooperation can be discussed individually, as we do not know in advance about the particular topics for research, the amount of work planned, or about the expected result. As examples, we can provide the following list of research topics and work, which we have already carried out or performed together with 3-rd party organizations that are experts in various application areas:



Study of Living Organisms: The Effects of Pharmaceuticals on Motor and Respiratory Activity


Study of Living OrganismsStudy of Living Organisms: The Effects of Pharmaceuticals on Motor and Respiratory Activity

Currently, the effects of medicines and dietary supplements are being investigated through pharmacological studies on living organisms. Smart cells equipped with various kinds of sensors are actively used in these studies. We propose using an additional breath sensor, which is not in direct contact with the object of the study and thus prevents its behavior from being unduly influenced due to any stress caused by attaching probes on the animal.

As of today, we do not know how useful information gained about the animal's breath can be, so we invite organizations interested in the scientific study of living organisms to conduct such research.



Study of the Breathing Mechanics

Study of the Breathing Mechanics. List of research topic

Researches related to the study of the breathing process have enabled specialists to make early diagnosis of respiratory diseases without conducting forced respiratory tests.

Studies in the correlation between respiratory airflow, reciprocation, ‘expelling’ air from the lower half of the chest and normal respiratory sound in healthy conditions and during obstructive pulmonary disease is an example of the our R&D work.

The list of research topics can be extended to include other studies and tests. We welcome university hospitals to work in cooperation with NanoPulse, sharing knowledge and offering mutual support.


NanoPulse has got Invention Patent No. 2907448 from European Patent Office on the device for the remote non-contact monitoring of the vital signs of a living being


NanoPulse has received a feedback about using the NP LW 01.01 occupancy sensors as a part of a system installed in the U.K.

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