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Presence Sensor NP BW 01.00

NP BW 01.00 presence sesnor is a stand-alone device designed for detecting presence or absence of living organisms in the nearby area as well as for monitoring respiratory and motor activity of the observed objects from a distance of up to 4 meters (13 feet). The sensor is designed for installation on the floor, shelves, walls and ceiling. The device is a low-power microwave sensor operating in the license-free ISM frequency band 5.8 GHz.


Reasons for Using the Presence Sensor

  • To be sure that an employee is at the workplace
  • To be sure that there are no people in a dangerous zone
  • To be sure that a patient in the hospital is in the bed and has not fallen off
  • To be sure that a living alone elderly person is in the surveillance zone (especially at night) and does not leave it for long time
  • To be aware of the patient breathing, as a part of a telemedicine system
  • Any scenario requiring remote monitoring of the presence or absence of the vital signs in a strictly defined location


Advantages of the Presence Sensor

  • The sensor enable remote monitoring of the patient's vital signs
  • The sensor improves awareness of the patient's conditions
  • The patient does not need to wear a fall sensor or any other device
  • There is no need to think about the battery discharge on the wearable device



  • Sensor type - microwave
  • Sensitivity zone - adjustable in 0.3 ... 4.0 m (1 - 13 feet) range
  • Central frequency - 5,800 MHz
  • Frequency bandwidth - 150 MHz (5,725 ... 5,875 MHz)
  • Antenna pattern - 60 degree cone
  • Emitted power - 0.1 mW
  • User interface* - USB socket type B, Ethernet RJ-45 8P8C socket
  • Power supply - passive PoE in accordance with the standard IEEE 802.3af
  • Current consumption - less than 400 mA
  • Dimensions (without fasteners) - 155 x 150 x 40 mm
  • Weight - 300 g


* Available on request (terminals, RS-232/485, GSM, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)


Installation and Application

The device can be installed on the floor, shelf, wall or ceiling with a special mounting rack with a rotating clip. The sensor is mounted on a rotating clip, which is oriented in the required direction and fixed with nuts. After that the rack is placed in the desired position and fixed to a statonary platform.


ATTENTION: The mounting rack for the NP BW 01.00 presence sensor is not included in the standard package, and shall be purchased separately.


The sensor collects and processes patient data, and then sends the processed data to the server for further transmission to the surveillance staff. Information about the patient's condition is available to the observer at any time upon request. When immediate attention and action is required from the observer the device transmits an alarm signal.


NanoPulse has got Invention Patent No. 2907448 from European Patent Office on the device for the remote non-contact monitoring of the vital signs of a living being


NanoPulse has received a feedback about using the NP LW 01.01 occupancy sensors as a part of a system installed in the U.K.

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