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Technology Commercialization as a Business Opportunity

Starting a new business from scratch is always difficult. It gets even harder when the talk is about a hi-tech business opportunity. It is quite rare when a businessman understands technology in detail and it is even rarer when a scientist or an engineer understands business needs and has the proper business network for selling hi-tech products. It ought to be clear, that in order to create a successful business case there must be an exact match between business needs and technological capabilities.


The next step is to ensure that the technology works for business. It is well known that often technology can work only if budget, time and processing power are (nearly) unlimited. The goal is to make technology work within the constraints of the real world, when the cost of implementing the solution does not exceed the cost of the value it brings, and when the time spent creating a solution does not exceed the life time of the target system. Additionally, the goal should be to provide a technology that works as a portable device rather than on a super computer in a computing cluster. All efforts oriented toward technology working in the real environment along with its marketing efforts are known as technology commercialization.


Only when a businessman finds the right technology for solving known and understandable challenges can a business opportunity become a successful business.


Technology Transfer is an Essential Part of Business Process

A very important thing is making commercialized technology easily identifiable, recognizable and protected. First, an intellectual property (IP) object must be created and protected either by making a patent or by keeping it a trade secret. Business usually requires some rights on this IP object which is done via a technology transfer procedure. A technology transfer can be done either via a license agreement (exclusive or non-exclusive), when authors of the technology grant certain rights to a business unit, or via an intellectual property rights (IPR) transfer agreement, when authors of the technology sell ownership on the technology to a business unit. Having rights on a certain technology transferred to a business unit, makes that business unit able to compete in the market with a solution built around the technology.


Valuable Proposition from NanoPulse, Inc.

Technology Commercialization as a Business Opportunity

NanoPulse, Inc. is a growing enterprise bringing its own unique and innovative products and technology to the global market.


We invite those investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for developing business opportunities in home care, medical, industrial or security areas to participate in our business and share our company success via a technology transfer agreement.




What do we have today:

  • Several products that are manufactured in small series and already have their clients. These use a technology that is already proven.
  • Intellectual property objects are identified and protected by Russian and international patents. Some patent applications are still on PCT stage. Some elements remain trade secrets.
  • Efforts in Technology commercialization are being expended to make our solutions fit various market segments.
  • Modification of existing products is being undertaken - thus extending the market area for products. Here we have to work more on technology commercialization and look carefully for a new business opportunity.
  • Ideas and new products - evaluated by doing case studies and R&D work

We already have practical experience with successful R&D work, technology commercialization and technology transfer. We know what we are doing and what are going to do


What are we looking for:

  • an experienced device manufacturer with strong sales channels, looking for a new product or business opportunity. We can talk about supplying our sensor modules or licensing the technology for building your own products or solutions.
  • a re-seller or distributor willing to sell our existing products. We can talk about their volume production and terms of shipment.
  • an entrepreneur looking for new business ideas. We can talk about applying our sensors in other not yet recognized market segments and help each other to build new business.


What you can get:

If you decide to buy a license or the IPR on one of our products you will get the following advantages after the purchase:


  • unique recognizable product
  • separation from the companies operating on the market today
  • access to the technology and ideas for new products


…and the following rights:


  • to read all design documents and source code
  • to make changes in the design and in the source code
  • to manufacture the units in volume (as is or modified)
  • to sell the units on specified territory under your brand


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about our products, ideas and ongoing projects.


NanoPulse has got Invention Patent No. 2907448 from European Patent Office on the device for the remote non-contact monitoring of the vital signs of a living being


NanoPulse has received a feedback about using the NP LW 01.01 occupancy sensors as a part of a system installed in the U.K.

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