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Microwave Sensor Electronic Modules

Microwave sensor modules are uncased electronic modules which can be used for building a complete sensor solution, such as



Using RF sensor modules is recommended in those cases when the system integrator plans to receive only raw data from the sensors and then perform digital processing of the signals on its own way utilizing a specialized computational module or even a separate computer.


Another prerequisite for using the sensor RF modules is the using free space in the casing of an existing device already available to the system integrator.


Finally, in some cases, presence of the housing is not required at all, and ability to dock a sensor module on Arduino boards using NanoPulse Shield interface module will allow to conduct experiments with breathing sensors, presence sensors or motion sensors at no additional cost.


In all such cases, there is no need to purchase expensive interface modules or complete sensor assemblies, but you only need to get the documentation for the selected sensor module and data communication format for connecting the sensor modules to the existing equipment. Such documentation is provided by NanoPulse without any restrictions.


Microwave Presence Sensor RF Module NP BW 1.0

Sensor Module NP BW 1.0

440 EUR

264 EUR MOQ 1000 pcs. - call for order
Microwave Occupancy Sensor Module NP BW LC 1.0

Sensor Module NP BW LC 1.0

220 EUR

132 EUR MOQ 1000 pcs. - call for order
Microwave Motion Detector Module NP IBT 1.0

Sensor Module NP IBT 1.0

150 EUR

90 EUR MOQ 1000 pcs. - call for order
Microwave Breathing Sensor Module NP SU AP 6.1

Sensor Module NP SU AP 6.1

150 EUR

90 EUR MOQ 1000 pcs. - call for order

NanoPulse has got Invention Patent No. 2907448 from European Patent Office on the device for the remote non-contact monitoring of the vital signs of a living being


NanoPulse has received a feedback about using the NP LW 01.01 occupancy sensors as a part of a system installed in the U.K.

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